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News: New Servers coming

Published: 2015-01-16 Back

Good morning!

Just a heads-up that we will be introducing new servers over the coming weeks. These beefy gems will alleviate some of the problems we have had recently with DDOS attacks, and also allow for further upgrade and expansion that our current servers are no longer able to accommodate.

We will also have a set of servers that are Geo-specific to North America (plus Australia, NZ, the UK, and a couple other "Safe" zones) and will block all other geographic zones. This will be helpful to North American-specific websites. These will be on a request-basis, and all other websites will be transferred to the equally beefy but world-accessible servers.

Your DNS (nameservers) will not need to be updated, but our IP addresses will be changing, and that will affect anyone who currently uses and IP address in specific tasks (like FTP) instead of their own domain name path. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you will likely not be affected, so don't panic. And as always, if you have any trouble you can contact me at

Have a great day!