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Refund Policy

30-day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your account within 30 days of signing up for it, you will be given a full refund on your hosting fee, less setup fees (if any) or additional customer owned services purchased (ie: SSL certificate - which will be turned over to you) Refunds will be issued to the credit card provided at the time of signup.

If your account has been cancelled by Crosswinds due to abuse of our services and/or a violation of our terms of service, the money back guarantee will no longer apply.

Cancellation requests must be made by regular mail or by email using the original email address for the account holder, and including the password as verification. Alternatively, you may request cancellation from within your client area. Phone requests cannot be accepted for cancellations, since recorded requests must be kept for any possible future reference.

Setup Fees
All setup fees for all accounts are non-refundable, regardless of cancellation date. Upon notification of payment, setup/upgrade of the account is automatic and hence the conditions of delivery are always met.

Monthly Billing
Monthly billing can be cancelled at any time prior to the next rebill date. Refunds will be offered upon notification within 3 business days of the rebill date. All other refunds are at our sole descretion.

Year/Biyear Prepaid Accounts
Prepaid accounts will be refunded for the remaining time, less a $10 administration fee. Early cancellation means that monthly discounts no longer apply.

Crosswinds does not take chargebacks lightly. Any member who initiates a chargeback with their financial institution after agreeing to these legal terms of service, thus entering into a contract, and obtaining a Crosswinds account, will be subject to collections proceedings including the full amount plus the chargeback fee and any other damages incurred by their actions. Further, we will initiate legal proceedings against you for your violations of our terms of service contract, which may include the legal search and seizure of computer components in your home, business or institution as evidence in the legal proceedings.