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Get Your Account for Free!

We have decided to make it EASY to get your account for free! This is not a time limited offer!

When you refer 2 people that sign up for Crosswinds, you will get your account for free while they are customers.

To qualify there are 2 restrictions:

  • The accounts must be CW One or higher type (reseller, vhost, dedicated)

  • Should the people you bring in cancel their account, you will need to set up billing again immediately.

This program is applicable with ANY offer. So if you refer someone that takes advantage of the occasional special event, it still counts for you!

That's all there is to it! We will keep track of the details for you.

Make sure that the people you refer place your email, domain name, or first and last name in the "How Did You Find Us" field when signing up.

Again, this is NOT a time limited offer! We have decided to reward those that have helped us grow!

*Note: In the unlikely event one of your referrals initiate an illegal chargeback, we will take legal action against them and your account will no longer be eligible for this deal.