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All Hosting Plans support Ruby On Rails, PHP and Perl via FastCGI

You have a powerful set of features with your Crosswinds hosting account. Build a personal site with a discussion forum, create a business and sell products or services online! You have the choice.

We explain the key features in plain english so you know what you are getting. Here are some quicklinks for you to skip to a particular section:

Plan Basics
Email Services
  Standard Features
Scripting Languages
  E-Commerce Features
Fantastico Scripts
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Cw-one Plan Basics

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Instant Activation: YES Your account is created immediately! No waiting to upload your web site. The only thing you will have to wait for (which is true of all web hosts) is for the domain name to "point" to our server so that you can access your site by name.
Monthly Cost: $11.49 In USD. This is your monthly cost for the hosting. Yearly payment is also available - giving you 2 months free!
Setup Cost: $0.00 In USD. Some plans require a setup fee.
Disk Space: unlimited MB The amount of hard drive space for your web site, email and other files. If you have a web site with many files or a lot of email users, this is important
Transfer: unlimited GB The amount of traffic for viewing your web site, email and uploading/downloading files. If you have a very busy website, or lots of email/email users, you need more transfer. 1GB = 1,000MB
Parked Domains: 3 Sometimes you will want to have more than one domain name point to the same site. This allows you to have similar domains that can be spelled differently. For example: and
Add-On Domains: 1 This is the number of other domains/sites that you can have in this account. You can manage completely different sites and domains in the same account.
Databases: 10 Databases are the "filing cabinets" of the web. Many programs that you can add to your accounts require a database to run. For example, if you install the phpBB2 discussion board, all of your forums and messages are stored in the database

Email Services

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Email Accounts: Unlimited You can set up as many email addresses as you need. Use them for different purposes (, or give email to your friends and family.
POP3 Access: YES POP3 lets you get your email using your favorite email program from home - like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.
Webmail: YES We include web based email for those that want to access their email from anywhere - an internet cafe, a friend's house or from their laptop on the run! It is safe, secure and reliable.
Forwarding: Unlimited You can forward email sent to one address to another. This allows you to protect an email address, or allow you to sort email with your email program. For example, you can have email sent to forwarded to your real account, say
Autoresponders: YES Automatically send an email back to the sender to let them know you have received it. You can also use this for letting people know you are on vacation or to update to a new email address.
Custom Spam Filters: YES You can add or remove filters to your accounts to allow or prevent spam from getting into your inbox or to sort it into a JUNK box.
Virus Protection: YES You are protected from viruses with virus scanning software. All email that comes to you is first checked for viruses. If viruses are found, it is removed, keeping your mailbox clean and your system safe.
SPAM Protection YES As with viruses, we scan all incoming email for spam. If we are 100% sure it is spam (for example, one system sends tons of advertisements for V14GR4!! to email accounts that do not exist in your account), we block the spam. If the system is not 100% certain, it adds information which allows you to set up the Custom Spam Filter. We always give you the choice.

Standard Features

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cPanel: YES You manage your web sites, email and ftp accounts using this very powerful, and easy to use control panel.
CGI-BIN/PERL: YES You have your own cgi-bin and can program in the very popular Perl scripting language
PHP: YES We support the PHP5 script language so that you can run many very useful and powerful programs from your site (see Softaculous below for examples)
Ruby on Rails: YES We support Ruby on Rails (Ruby 1.8) applications for those of you who prefer Ruby
SSI: YES Server Side Includes - this older style of making sites dynamic and come alive is supported.
Site Stats: YES With a click, you can check out your site statistics. Who visited, where they went, and where they came from. You have the choice of different statistics programs, depending on your style and taste.
Protected Folders: YES Protect folders with individual usernames and passwords. This allows you to have "members-only" sections on your site.
FTP Access: YES 24/7 FTP access allows you to upload your site when you need to.

E-Commerce Features

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Softaculous: YES You can launch your own store with one of the many Softaculous programs. Just click on Softaculous in your control panel, and with a click, you can install or uninstall an online store or product catalog.
SSL Certs: Available If you require your own SSL cert for security (usually for ecommerce/shopping carts) we can add an SSL certificate and your own IP (internet address number) for $49/year. Most places will charge you $49 or more for the SSL certificate alone, and don't tell you that you need to buy an IP as well. We include both.

Softaculous Scripts

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We have added a system called Softaculous, and it is amazing! With a single click, you can install/uninstall a library of 360+ PHP scripts.
These scripts are listed here

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