Here’s how to get support:

  • For Account Help, including registration, billing, domain services, and all things that require access to your secure service and information, please go here.
  • For DIY Help, check out the general FAQs and a great array of helpful Tutorials developed and maintained by the Crosswinds Cadre. A great site to bookmark!
  • For Website Help and guidance that does not require access to your secure service and details, including website design guidance and troubleshooting, the Crosswinds Cadre volunteers are a great resource! The Cadre is strictly a volunteer group (no access to your account or personal details) with a ton of valuable experience they can share with you to help you on your way to a fabulous website. If you’re a client and can’t find what you’re looking for, we will match you up with a Cadre member for that personal guidance you seek, at no cost to you.