Need a different PHP version?

Depending on the script(s) that you’re installing or have installed, or your personal preference, you may require a higher (or lower) version of PHP for your website.

This can easily be accomplished from within your cPanel. Login, and then type “php” in the search bar, or locate the icon that says “MultiPHP Manager”.

Choose the domain in your account that you wish to change, and then choose the PHP version that suits. Try the highest level first, which is currently (as of this post) 7.3, and then click “Apply”. Check the functionality of your website. If all is well, great, you’re done. If you notice some functions that no longer work, choose a lower version, and repeat the process until you’re happy with the functionality of your site. You will not “break” your website by doing this, and you can always go back again.

Be aware that if you have multiple scripts installed, fixing one may end up adversely affecting the other, so you may need to play with versions or rethink your choice of scripts. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes! In a perfect world, all developers would keep their scripts updated to the newest of everything, but we all know that world doesn’t exist, right?

Have yourselves a wonderful day!